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Drawing the Line

Hilton Young, Penzance

21 June - 26th July 2008





An NSA show to coincide with 'The Drawing Show' at the Exchange.

Participating artists: Nicola Bealing, Sandra Blow, Margrit Clegg, Gillian Cooper, Jessica Cooper, Alan Davie, Barbara Delaney, Gareth Edwards, Bernard Evans, Martin Grimshaw, Rose Hilton, Delpha Hudson, Bernard Irwin, John Keys, Denny Long, Carole McDowell, Louise McClary, Alexander McKenzie, Bryan Pearce, Jesse Leroy Smith, Volker Stox, Nik Strangelove, Marion Taylor, Ken Turner, Bren Unwin, Kate Walters, Rupert White, Lucy Willow






Hannah Woodman, Jean Cooke & Rose Hilton were in the downstairs gallery