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Fantasy of a Frustrated Metrologist

John Michell

'webprojects' is a virtual exhibition space.

Artworks include those made specifically for the www, or those intended to be placed outside conventional exhibition spaces.

The end is in the beginning and yet we go on

The origins of Footsbarn by Andrew Slimon

All appear with the permission and cooperation of the artist.

Nnidnid 2&3

Tony 'Doc' Shiels (1987)


Dark Nights

Graham Gaunt

Included in The Dark Rooms, Helston

Dans Maen

David Bickley


The Seasons' Turning

Julia Giles

Made for Site-Non-Site at Kestle Barton


Black and White Flag

Janet McEwan and many others

Enchanted Spaces: Redruth Projection

Felicity Notley

  Red dots

Carter and Zierle


Rupert White

Fully navigable 3D environment: requires 'Unity' plug-in which will download automatically






Take me. I'm yours.

Janet McEwan



Alastair T Willey



Philippa Lawrence

  Its Alive (excerpt)

Tony Doc Shiels




Harm Van Dorpel

  Social Sculpture

Scott Daniels and Bryony Gillard


Fatal to the Flesh

Rafael Rosendaal

  Space Cornish

Nigel Ayers



James Morris



(best with Firefox or Safari browsers)



One Mile Scroll

Daniel Eatock and Jeffery Vaska




  Subterrania (Geevor Series)

Fiona Crisp







Harm Van Dorpel


Mark Titchner


Tony Rickaby

  Vandalized Trees

Daniel Eatock

  Pool of Radiance

Rupert White



(click on black screen)

All Wrapped Up

Ettie Spencer



Part of FRED: An Art Invasion, Cumbria 2008.






The Worshippers

Mark Titchner and Mustafa Hulusi

Ghostly Lugger of Croft Pasco Pool

Sara Bowler



Part of Happidrome 2009


The Seat of Cyclops

Elizabeth Masterton


Thomson and Craighead


Oliver Sutherland and Christopher Jarratt


Juneau Projects




Oliver Udy


Piano Piece Late 92

Music and video by composer Graham Fitkin


In Search of The Other

Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle




Record of a performance at Happidrome, Cornwall

Friends, family and loved ones

Martyn Cross


  Ad Reinhardt

Rupert Loydell and Peter Gillies

Scream 1

Erica Scourti


  Display Systems

Suzanne Mooney



  Imperial Leather

Hayley Lock





Included in eco2009

Serial Loop

David Cotterrell


Two Rituals

Jesse Leroy Smith and Paul Becker





No1 Wilwyne Crescent

Tessa Garland

An Exorcism

Penny Slinger

Birdbox Helmets

Stuart Robinson

Following the Whispers Inbetween

Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle



Performance in Serbia

Everything Must Go

Alex Schady

The Jaywick Tourist Board

Alex Murdin



Untying the Knot

Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle




Record of performance as part of '...Insite'

Mistrust of the image as representation

Michael Robbs


Simon Woolham

Visitors Guide to London

Heath Bunting



net.art from 1995. Click on _read.me for instructions or click here


Developing the Line of Beauty

Charlotte Williams

Part of 'Embark' 2009

Trigger Happy

Thomson and Craighead

Packet Switching

Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons





Four HTML works

Chris Ashley


Six Walks

Richard Long


Trees Of The USA (1,2 & 3)

Katie Holten


Three Photographs

Ben Hobbs



Janet McEwan



Miltos Manetas


Corpses of Desire

Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle


  Blackboard (after Ben Nicholson)

Colin Sackett


This is the Sea

Patrick Shanahan


  Quiet Transfer

Rachel Cunningham

Shown at 'The Open West', Cheltenham




Silent Dissolution Pt 1

Benjamin Burt

Photoseries taken in mid-Cornwall

Bodmin Moor Space Explorer

Nigel Ayers


Webpages and video screenshots of a multimedia CD-Rom documenting explorations of the area of Bodmin Moor corresponding to the Pisces constellation.


The Captain's Triptych

Ian Whitford

Made originally for BOS08


Cornwall/Landscapes/Looking out across the Harbour

James Hartill

Bard Attitude and the Dinghy King

Bedwyr Williams


The Artist's Cycling Club

Andrew Hunt and Jonty Lees



Part of Nought to Sixty at the ICA in London


Paul Carter & Alexandra Zierle

Performance filmed in Buenos Aires

This is my paradise spot

Oliver Irvine



Documentation of an installation at UCF, 2008









Three floor-based works

Joe Doldon



All installed in Falmouth between 2005 and 2008


The Quarry Series

Ian Penna

Paintings without canvasses

Air Guitar

Stephen Cornford

Portrait of the artist as a Young Man

Daryl Waller




Live webcam from Goldfish, Penzance

Aquel (excerpt)

David Bickley

Sound Cut (excerpt)

Peter Geschwind


Alex Pearl



Showing at Salt Gallery, Cornwall Spring 2008

Beach drawing (Bodruthan Steps)

Simon Carroll

Film by Nick Duffy





Online work made during residency at Plymouth Arts Centre


The Bruce Springsteen Glockenspiel Addendum

Cory Archangel



Included in his show at SPACEX, Exeter


This pig has suffered

Daryl Waller





Free book download

Inbound Crossings

Carter and Zierle

50 yelps to music

David Sherry




included on the Anti-Swiftie Association CD


Nocturnal Emissions with Poppo

Nigel Ayers



Record of a live performance featuring work of  Cornwall based composer and artist