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University College Falmouth: Contemporary Visual Arts MA 2006


9 Artists contributed to the show this year, which was a vibrant display of work in a range of media, with installation sculpture and video particularly prominent. Complex conceptual and procedural underpinnings were a feature common to all the work.

Anne Karhu filled a large room with several large islands of naturally occurring substances. The sound of them being trod underfoot was amplified by nearby microphones. In a related sound piece, birds nests were placed on top of speakers, such that they were gently lifted by the repeated sound of a heartbeat.

Adam Clarke showed a selection of related works that explored the possibility of using the air as a medium for art. This most intangible of substances was collected both as individuals’ breath, and studied as an ecosystem of tiny microbes using agar dishes.

As part of a practice dominated by performance, Salma Lilarasa Nathoo showed a low rectangular pool of water agitated by rumblings from sound speakers beneath it, and what looks like the remnants of a performance featuring a small and rather beautiful rowing boat.

Rosalie Scott showed an installation with video, as did Hayley Gearon and Frederique Bresson in adjacent spaces. In the latter the artist, in an overblown feat of ironic narcissism, adopting a dazzling range of different persona.

Ben Westgate showed an impressively scaled large 2D abstract work, and Betina Muller a selection of delicate sculptures that were mostly comprised of canvas filters through which drained fermenting fruits and other substances. Mary Fletcher contributed a large collection of drawings, which were pinned as an installation to the walls of her space.


artcornwall is short of images from this show: if anyone wants to submit more they can be uploaded easily. We would also welcome a more detailed review!