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archived in Feb 2015

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features Tremenheere Thankyou Notes Jan Coles
  Laura Knight: Representations of Women Helen Hoyle
  Quercus Robur Geoff Uglow
  The chicken soup was cold Sarah Watkins
  Bruce Taylor:  A Lost Page Gerard Mermoz
  Reflections on Bolster Day Rupert White
archived in October 2010


interviews Mark Jenkins: Filmmaker Video by James Ellwood
  Murray Lachlan-Young: Poet interview Mac Dunlop
  Jessica Cooper audio interview George Care
  Naomi Frears video profile Stuart Lansdowne
exhibitions Jennifer and Kevin McCoy The Exchange
  Exacting Standards: a tribute to Hugh Stoneman Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
  Garry Fabian Miller Newlyn Art Gallery
  Michael Porter The Exchange, Penzance
  David Whittaker Goldfish, Penzance
  Kenneth Martin and Mary Martin Tate St Ives
features Hidden Cornwall: Richard Nott at New Millenium Gallery Peta-Jane Field
  Lightness of Being: Felicity Mara’s Lyrical Abstraction Helen Dunmore
interviews Simon Allen video by David Groundwater
  Jeremy Le Grice in his studio in Newlyn Audio interview by George Care

Roy Ray with Brian Smart, Jane O'Malley, Stephen Dove, Anthony Frost, Greg Humphries, Alan Livingstone & Nicola Tilly Video by Alban Roinard

  Ken Spooner Studio Visit Video Robin Field
  Jason Wason: master potter Audio interview by George Care
  Peter Randall-Page talks about 'Granite Song' Video by PRSD
  Michael Gaca of the Belgrave Gallery interviewed by Peter Davies Video by Geoffrey Robinson
  Andy Harper and Abigail Reynolds on 'Assembly' in St Just e-interview by Rupert White
  Sue Bleakley: studio-visit Video interview by Robin Field
exhibitions Matthew Lanyon Rainyday Gallery, Penzance
  Submersive Figures New Street Gallery, Penzance
  4CAST Gallery 49, Falmouth
  Andrew Litten: Paintings Goldfish, Penzance
  Robert Bradford: Plastic New Street Gallery, Penzance
  Fiona Robinson: Extracts from the Journey Sequence Study Gallery, Poole
  Drawing the Line Hilton Young, Penzance
  MINED Cornish Mines and Engines, Pool
  Henrietta Dubrey and Marion Taylor Rainyday Gallery, Penzance
  Something Like Spit The Exchange, Penzance
  Of all the people in all the world Truro Cathedral, Truro
  Cathy Watkins: Don't Look Now Hilton Young, Penzance
  Srebrenica Cornwall County Museum, Truro
  Andrew Lanyon Goldfish, Penzance
features Ben Cook Alex Wade
  Creative Cornwall Alan Livingstone
  The BUILD residency at Cornwall College: Philip Mayer & Louise Hodges Megan Wakefield
  A Very Big Pond Joe Clark reflects on his visit to Art|Basel 2008
  The St Ives artists : a biography of time and place Rupert White
  The Passage of Time Peta-Jane Field
  Secular Epiphanies Nicholas Usherwood
  Art-spaces and art in Cornwall: a reflection on 'Revolver' Rupert White
webprojects Tidework Rupert White
  Toxic Ocean Blues Georgina Maxwell
  Performance text number 7 John Charles Clark and Richard Blackborow
  Starfield Rupert White
  Pyrite Timothy Crowley
  Dynamic Narrative Jem Mackay
  Mulfra Farm Barbara Santi
  Men and Planes Jacqui Knight
webprojects Swan Charles Napier: removed by youtube for 'violating community guidelines'
  Bodmin Moor Terrestrial Zodiac Nigel Ayers
  Pangolin Coat Rose Cecil
  Snatch Kate Southworth & Patrick Simons
  Shifts in perception (a performance thesis) Ken Turner
  Visual Archive 2007 Higher Academy of Happiness
  X-posure promo www.x-posure.org
  St Michael's Way Denzil Monk
  Where their footsteps left no trace Roy Ray
  PE Report Hedluv
  The Flow Richard Ballinger
  Moving House Cat Bag
  Train Clara Clark
interviews Simon Harvey on the film industry in Cornwall
  Rose Hilton by Alex Wade
  Sue Lewington
  David Tovey: Anders Zorn's watercolours in the rain
  Rupert Loydell on poetry
  Sue Jackson on Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
  Brian Stewart on Falmouth and Falmouth Art Gallery
  Paul Mount and June Miles interviewed by Peter Davies
exhibitions Street Life Belgrave Gallery, St Ives
  Farming Families Newlyn Art Gallery
  Jeremy Le Grice: Boats Badcocks, Newlyn
  Neil Canning New Millenium Gallery, St Ives
  The Figure Hilton Young, Penzance
  Clara Clark Salt Gallery, Hayle
  Phil Whiting The Rainyday Gallery
  New Adventure III Vitreous  Contemporary Art
  Keepin' it rural Quay Gallery, Wadebridge
features Love, Understanding and Soap Bubbles Simon Thomas
  Ivan Bray: Reflections on Pop art, Classicism and Cornwall Rupert White
  Artichoke: a new community arts magazine Roger Davison and Lisa Stewart
  Margo Maeckelberghe and Rose Hilton: Two Penwith painters Peta-Jane Field

Hugh Stoneman Peta-Jane Field


That's Entertainment: a dialogue Andy Whall and Delpha Hudson

  Cornish art at the London Art Fair 2008 Henry Garfit
May 2008  
profiles Rupert White
  Brigette Ashton
  Andrew Litten
  Delpha Hudson
March 2008

interviews Chloe Wild talks to Jessica Cooper
  Marilyn Middlemiss and Louise Fox of the Salt Gallery
  Joe Clarke of Goldfish
  Steve Messam on Cumbria and art in rural areas of the UK
  Peter Randall-Page: sculptor
features Radical ruralism: More v Social Systems a response to Virginia Button Rupert White
  Documenta 12: Leitmotifs and bottle tops Megan Wakefield
  Backwater again? Contested histories of St Ives Art Rupert White
  Call to arms: the pen is mightier than the sword Delpha Hudson
  Ben Nicholson, Julian Stallabrass and the Pastoral Rupert White
  PALP archive (again) Alan Bleakley, Ed Krcma et al
  Art in Dorset Fiona Robinson
  Studio Journal Kate Walters
  Eden archive Rupert White


February 2008  
exhibitions LINEAGE (NSA)  Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn
  Young and hung  part of Revolver, Penzance
  Sarah Poland and Christopher Marvell Belgrave Gallery
  Mix-it up Salt Gallery
  Memories for Amnesiacs The Mariners Gallery, St Ives
  BUILD: Stacey Righton Proctor Gallery, Camborne
January 2008  
exhibitions A most welcome return: Sven Berlin The Belgrave Gallery
  Spontaneous Combustion 2 St Ives Society of Artists
  Embark: Ferry Art King Harry Ferry, Feock
  MOVE Goldfish at Vyner Street, London
  BARRIE COOK Lemon Street Gallery
  PARTICIPATION The Poly, Falmouth
December 2007  
webprojects December Field Compass Julia Giles
  The Flora Faddy Furry Dance Day Richard Philpott
  Other shores Stephanie Boon
  Worn Down Delpha Hudson
  Intimate Relations of Immortality Kate Ogley & Jacqui Orley
  Minced and dispatched Carter and Zierle
features Depicting children: reflections on Jesse Leroy Smith at Goldfish Fine Art Rupert White
  Opening of The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery Claire Neal and Alban Roinard
  Wishes in the sand Rebecca Weeks
November 2007  

There is no time Daro Montag

  Footnotes: living a Richard Long life Peter Kirby
  Women's work Fran Cottell, Judy Clark and Rebecca Weeks
  A Critical Review of My Practice James Hankey
exhibitions MORE (July) Various locations
  1 Pound Suitcase Market (Come on Cornwall)
  Michael Donnelly and Janet McEwan Salt Gallery
  MORE (August) Various locations
October 2007  
webprojects Bee Adventure Paul Chaney
  Witness to the Death of Language Karen Koltrane
  Loch Ness Oliver Sutherland
  The Fall of Tom Daryl Waller
  360 degrees Bruce Davies
profiles Paul Chaney
  Amanda Lucas Williams
  Michael Finn
  Julia Giles
exhibitions If Everybody had an Ocean Tate St Ives
  Live Art Falmouth UCF
  MORE (June) Various locations
  Jason Walker, Cordelia Cembrowicz and Bridgette Ashton Artonomy, Truro
interviews more artists on more
  Trevor Bell interviewed by Chloe Wild
  Richard Long talks with Peter Kirby and Sarah Braddock-Clarke
  Ian Whittlesea on YBA, Transition 6 and Rothko's visit to Cornwall
September 2007  

Spirituality and art: with thanks to ‘The Wickerman’ and John Halkes Rupert White

  Light upon light Kathy Todd
webprojects Cornwall Night/Day Swiftie
  Water-cycle (Atlantis) Rupert White
exhibitions The Du Maurier Rebecca exhibition: 'Beyond' PZAG
  Canaries in the attic: Lucy Willow The Salt Gallery
August 2007  
exhibitions Michael Finn Lemon Street Gallery
  CUT/STACK/BURN Tremenheere Sculpture Garden
  Delpha Hudson Barbara Hepworth Museum
  Unquiet Earth St Ives Society of Artists host Newlyn Society of Artists
June 2007  
exhibitions Art Now Cornwall?
  Art Now Cornwall
  Spontaneous Combustion
features Art Now Cornwall: Opening night pt1 & pt2
  The Newlyn Gallery Jeremy LeGrice
  Pyromania, psychoanalysis and public art Robert Bradford
  Brian Sewell at the Acorn: a personal view George Care
May 2007  
exhibitions St Ives School: 1997-2007 Chris Short
  Santa's Secret Tombola
  Waiting projects
April 2007  
interviews Hannah Davies: emotions recollected in tranquility George Care
  Peter Fluck: Cornish artist and co-founder of 'Spitting Image'
March 2007  
features The St Ives School: 1997-2007 Chris Short
  "Art Now Cornwall ?"Joseph Clarke
  Mind-mapping at the Tate Jane Sutherland, Oliver Sutherland and Rupert White
exhibitions Breon O'Casey, Lemon Street Gallery
  Outsider, Princess Pavilion, Falmouth
  Mary Down, Marilyn Middlemiss and Jo Aylward, The Salt Gallery

Andy Hughes

Richard Ballinger


Stacey Righton

interviews Jeremy Annear on Painting, European modernism, and the Cornish art scene in the 80's
  Sarah Brittain of Cornwall Contemporary Gallery, Penzance
  Chris Hines on surf-culture, sewage and balsa-wood
February 2007  
features PALP archive
  Roger Hilton and the fall and rise of the female nude
  The ‘Artists in Cornwall’ photographs Gary Treadwell
January 2007  
features Alfred Wallace, Fischli and Weiss, and measures of quality in contemporary Cornish art  
  Distance and distraction: a personal reflection on photography, travel and the future Matt Pontin
profiles Alexis Zelda Stevens
December 2006  
features Modernism v post-modernism: new directions for Cornish art
  Passivity - An Ecocentric Paradigm for Collaborating with Natural Processes Adam Clarke
  Strategies of Successful Contemporary Protest Art Cordelia Cembrowicz
exhibitions EEK, The Old Grammar School, Redruth
  Tract highlights X6 Various locations, Penzance
profiles Bob Law
interviews Daryl Waller on being Axl Rose
  Matt Pontin on the exhibition and publication: Watermark
  Prof. Patrick Ffrench on 'The Death of the Author'
  Martin Val Baker: promoter, publisher, gallery-owner
November 2006  
features Head in the noose please...It's a truism to say that to be an artist is to know rejection, but lately I've had my fill of it...Stephanie Boon
  Wheal Art Weekend: history and folk memory  Megan Wakefield
  A response to eek Megan Wakefield
exhibitions Tony O' Malley, Tate St Ives
  University College Falmouth: CVA,  MA show
interviews Michael Tyack of Circulus
profiles Sovay Berriman
  Lucy Willow
  Ithell Colquhoun
  Daryl Waller aka Swiftie
  Marilyn Middlemiss
  Steven Paige
October 2006  
features Reflections on Provisional Newlyn Megan Wakefield
  Celebrating the local and specific: Tract Live Art
exhibitions Sovay Berriman, Jackie Knight, Patrick Lowry
  Wheal Art Weekend, Wheal Frances
  Swiftie, Vitreous Contemporary Art
September 2006  
features Why being an abstract artist makes sense in the context of the Cornish art scene
  Tomma Abts, the Turner Prize and Cornish painting
exhibitions Michael Donnelly, China Clay Museum
  Rupert White, The Salt Gallery
  Cornwall Open Studios: Vogue Beloth Chapel
  Level 2, Falmouth Art Gallery