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Transition Archive

photos Steve Tanner


'Transition 1': November 2000

Partou Zia

Rod Walker

Sax Impey



'Transition 2': November 2001

Simon Allen


Sue Bleakley


John Charles Clark


Gillian Cooper


Delpha Hudson




Ken Turner


Richard Nott



'Transition 3': January 2003

Richard Ballinger


Emma Churchill


Jonty Lees



Marilyn Middlemiss


Sophia Milligan


Steven Paige


Roger Towndrow


Lynne Williams


Laura Wild


'Transition 4': September 2003

Jane Fox


Georgina Kennedy



Amanda Lorens


Louise McClary


Maureen McCrue


Angela Praed











Miles Henderson Smith










Ken Turner










'Transition 5': November 2004

Richard Ballinger











Lollie Brewer










Nicola Buxton











Lizzie Haven and Lizzie Ridout



Jeremy Rice











Steve Tanner








Kate Walters


Billy Wynter












'Transition 6': October 2005

Sara Bowler

Deborah Robinson


Ian Whittlesea


Rae Chapman











Juley Hudson


Jesse Leroy Smith


Cathy Wade


Lucy Willow


Rupert White


'Inverse' Andy Currie, Gino Saccone & Jack Southern


'Education Transition' Mary Fletcher, Annie Metcalf & Elly Thomas



Thanks to Blair and Newlyn Art Gallery. Photographs are missing for some of the artists. If you have any suitable images please forward them to us.