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In the shadow of artists

Phil Whitfeld on the crafts-people of St Ives

John Michell: a memoir

Bob Forrest


Footsbarn Flyer (1973)

Jonathan Paul Cook

  The Bruce Lacey Experience

Jeremy Deller


Under the influence: artist portraits

James Hankey

Excerpts from 'A Potter's Book'

Bernard Leach

Waving or drowning: Hilton's Oi Yoi Yoi revisited

Steven Cousins


Paul Francis

Fascinate Showcase

Dominick Allen

Brenda Wootton: Cornish Legend

Gloria Knight

Open Provocation Festival

Nigel Ayers

The Fish Factory, Falmouth

Sophie Sweatman

  Sacrilege at The Heartlands

David Whealer


Daryl Waller at Pixelate

Ben Philpot

The Ordinalia, 1969

Sidney Higgins

  Perfect in the mind: a response to the sculptures of George Meyrick

Fiona Robinson

The show must go on

Gabrielle Hoad


The British Art Show: In the days of the comet

Nigel Ayers

  Ray Exworth: A sculptor of probable genius

David Heseltine

How the Rural could save Modern Art

Matthew Fluharty

  The Reaction Story

John Snell

Roger Taylor unveils Tim Shaw's 'The Drummer'

Rupert White

  Ithell Colquhoun: from Lamorna to Lanhydrock

Helen Hoyle


Roger Hilton's 100th Birthday

Michael Bird and George Care

  Electric Eden: music and the British landscape

Rupert White

  Beyond the closed shop

Gabrielle Hoad

  The Art of Cornwall

Helen Hoyle

The Face of Penwith

Peter Lanyon

  Partou Zia: Painter of Dreams

Helen Hoyle


  The Thin Hiss of Flowers Screaming

Paul Newman

  Kerry Marshall Trengove: a memoir

Rose Garrard

The Wints

Richard Prest


Radical Ruralism: a retort

Steve Messam

Naomi Frears

Alex Wade

'The Falmouth Convention' video highlights

Various speakers


  Cornwall Folk

Grahame Hood

  The films of Alejandro Jodorowsky

Nigel Ayers

  Assisi, Birds, Mountains, Flowers

Kate Walters





Reclaiming the rural 1: Landscapes and modernity

Kristopher Kohler

  Reclaiming the rural 2: Rural microcultures

Kristopher Kohler

  From Hepworth's Garden Out

Nathan Thompson, Norman Jope, Stephen Middleton, Peter Gillies, David Grubb and Brian Louise Pearce

  Get in the Ring: Political Aesthetics

Rebecca Weeks

  The Last Bohemians: Robert Colquhoun and Robert Macbryde

Roger Bristow


David Spero





A little local difficulty: Gavin Turk and pasty politics

Rupert White

  Horizon Wales: Visual Art and the Postcolonial
Iwan Bala


Radical Ruralism: place, landscape, and rurality in contemporary art

Rupert White



George Dannatt

Brandon Taylor





Art in Wales: Politics of Engagement or Engagement with Politics?

Iwan Bala

Austin Osman Spare: English Satyr, Magus-Artist and Astral Visionary

Adam Daly


Skewjack circa 1971

Graham Shephard

The Frequency of Modern Life

Mark Titchner

Art, objects and ‘superabundance’

Delpha Hudson


Bob Law: a reappraisal

Richard Saltoun and Karsten Schubert

Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall: 1880 - 1940

Peter Waverly

Satyrs and sigils: the artist-occultist Austin Osman Spare

Paul Newman

Notes from London Art Week 2009

Joseph Clark





Jim Ede and Kettle's Yard

Sebastiano Barassi



Barrie Cook

Alex Wade


Awake! Albion Awake!

Peter Woodcock

Glasgow, Julian Schnabel and 25 years of Transmission Gallery

Rupert White


The Unknown Guest

Paul Newman

The Landscape

George Bataille (translated for the first time into English by Patrick ffrench)

This Weekend? A personal response to two events

Joanna Thomas


Occult Surrealist: Ithell Colquhoun and automatism

Richard Shillitoe


Art in aspic: rural artists breaking free from the mould

Alex Murdin


A note on reverie

Michael Bird

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be…

 Stephanie Wessell


Supernature: a response

Patrick Brandon

Sir Joshua Reynolds: The Acquisition of Genius

Sam Smiles

Too Many Objects, Not Enough Radical Nature

Chris Fremantle

The art of collaborating: from Michelangelo to Warhol and beyond

Rupert White

Anthony Gormley's Fields

Emma Duester


Joseph Clark

Matthew Lanyon: New Paintings

Alex Wade


The Launching of the Pier Arts Centre

Margaret Gardiner


Banksy versus Bristol Museum

Nigel Ayers

Venice Biennale 2009 Part 1: The Giardini

Rupert White

Venice Biennale 2009 Part 2: The Arsenale

Rupert White

Venice Biennale 2009 Part 3: Martin Boyce, Susan MacWilliam and Kennedy Browne

Rupert White

Travelling Light

Peter Freeman



Cathy Watkins

Rare Sighting in the Haldon Hills

J. C. C. Mays on Colin Sackett


No more heroes: a response to 'Lets Play Records'

Rupert White

Lawrence Weiner: biography and resources

Various authors

Distributed art of invisible networks: notes on network politics

Magda Tyzlik-Carver


Haste Slowly

Peta-Jane Field on Trevor Bell



Altermodernism: helpful or harmful?

Rupert White


Silent Harmonies: The Art of Jeremy Annear

Jane Hamilton



Roger Coleman


'The New Landscape': from a point of view on the work to a being in it?

Harriet Hawkins


Remembering Gwyther Irwin

Nick Wadley


Westcountry Carnivals and Folk Traditions

Various authors

The Lure of the Local

Lucy Lippard

Westcott's Gallery, St Ives

Rupert White

Luke Frost and the Tate St Ives residency


Alex Wade


Prima Vista – Black, Red And White 12 July 2005

Clare Wardman

Opening the window, the white bird flies in

Kate Walters

Contextually sited contemporary practice in rural areas

Veronica Vickery

On Arnolfini, artists' books and buy nothing day

Nigel Ayers


Revolver Book-launch

Volker Stox, Jesse Leroy Smith, Alan Livingston

An artist’s response to Elisabeth Frink

Fiona Robinson


Putting 'Revolver' in its place: a new eclecticism

Rupert White

A boundless manifesto comes to Tate St Ives

Peta-Jane Field on Heimo Zobernig


New art-spaces in Bristol

Laura Mansfield


The Captains Cottage Triptych: Dwelling and Loss

Rebecca Weeks

Dominant Wave Theory: The Work

Chris Short on Andy Hughes' photographs



Dark Ecologies: Reflections on Paul Chaney at Goldfish


Robin Mackay


MA Fine Art: Contemporary Practice 2008

Nigel Ayers


David Falconer & twelve years of the New Millennium Gallery

Peta-Jane Field


Nature Morte

Robin Mackay


Ralph Freeman: Porthmeor Jazz

Alex Wade

Contemporary Drawing Practice and The Drawing Show

Kate MacFarlane

The Pack 1969 - 2008

Rupert White


Creative Cornwall

Nicolas Serota


The Transformed Total: Margaret Mellis’s Constructions

Michael Bird
  Alfred Wallis and after: naive and outsider art in Cornwall

Rupert White

Dawn of a Colony


David Tovey




Starry Nights and Endless Miseries

Paul Newman


Richard Ballinger at Cornwall Contemporary

Jesse Leroy Smith

Two writers' responses to LAF 2008 pt2

Alexandra Glanville & Mark Greenwood

Two writers' responses to LAF 2008 pt1

Mo Bottomley & Megan Wakefield

The Museum of Witchcraft: a short history


Graham King


The Genuine Article

Alex Wade on Tim Shaw

The St Ives School of Painting: a brief history and personal view

Roy Ray


Bullans Court: the home and studio of Sandra Blow in St Ives

Jonathan Grimble

. Relational aesthetics in Cornwall: a reflection on 'Transition: Curators edition'

Rupert White

The new Leach Pottery pt 1 and 2

 Simon Leach and Rupert White


Abolition of Work

Cornford and Cross


Tales of the Unexpected

Megan Wakefield


Cornwall: New Voices

Kate Jago



'Transition' Archive

Blair Todd and Steven Tanner