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Live Art Falmouth (LAF) 2008

Wellington Terrace and other venues  Falmouth 6th and 7th June, 2008


Live Art Falmouth had a distinctly international flavour this year, and with over 100 artists taking part it was bigger than its first incarnation in 2007 (see last years review). The organisers Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle and their student and alumni team actively recruited artists from around the UK, Europe and beyond to achieve a largely seamless blend of students, recent graduates, and more established artists.

The UCF-owned building on Wellington Terrace provided the main venue, but there were several off-site art-works located e.g. on the high street itself (Tim  Crowley), on Princes Pier (Bram Thomas Arnold), in a chip shop (Katy Connor) and on Gyllingvase Beach (Claire Blundell-Jones).

The following films were made to convey something of the spirit of the event as it might have been experienced by a visitor coming to it.

The films are not intended as definitive records of the art-works. At times performances coincided or overlapped, and this is reflected in the editing. There are also a large number of artists who are missing from the footage. The editor of artcornwall.org is happy to be contacted regarding publishing any other material or documentation that may be made available.



Friday afternoon excerpts

In order: Andy Fung, Vana Gacina "TV-Violence", Bram Thomas Arnold "The Park Bench Reader: My Favourite Novel", Jemma Skidmore "The Hidden Utopia", Tine Bech "Mememe", Andy Fung, Mo Bottomly & Tim Newman "Bone Antenna", Ann Haycock, David Pringle "Cycle", Rob Boole "Untitled" (on monitor), Tom Walker "Untitled" (on monitor), Mark Leahy "Barbed Gadlyngs"





Friday evening excerpts

Lucy Cran"Mix-up", Mark Greenwood "Free Cell, Solitaire, Golf and Pyramids", Cornford & Appleby "Human Separation", Jessica Morris "Two Basic assumptions of this Theory", Cornford & Appleby, Mark Greenwood, Cornfold & Appleby





Saturday afternoon excerpts

Claire Blundell Jones "Kissing III" (Gyllingvase Beach), Tim Crowley "Sounds of the Serengeti" (High Street), Katy Connor "Afterglow" (Chip shop), Andy Fung, Mark Greenwood , Sabine Oosterlynck "Immer Nur Saugen" (on monitor), Ken Turner & Jane Whitaker "This is Whatever - Live thought", Black Market International (screening), Kathy Rose "Life in the Web" (video), Dani d'Emilia "Meat my Mirrors" (video)




Ken Turner & Jane Whitaker "This is Whatever - Live Thought", Birgit Sailing Hansen "Both and Or". Ula Dajerling, Kim Berry
"Access Denied"




Saturday evening excerpts

Deborah Lewarne "Jelly and Ice Cream"  Ewilina Kolaczek & Nelly Alfandari "Am I Good?" Richard Layzell "Key Notes"





Films by Linda Cleary, Rupert White & Nigel Ayers. More on LAF to come!