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Keepin' it rural

Quay Gallery, Wadebridge

16th November, 2007






The North and East of the county of Cornwall is more dispersed than the West, and does not have the same ready-made audiences for art.

'Keepin' it rural' was a show in the genteel market town of Wadebridge. Close to the eponymous bridge itself it was the first in a planned series of exhibitions at a new venue curated by sculptor Dan Miles. It was an opportunity to provide a showcase for artists predominantly in the East of Cornwall.

The exhibition turned out to be a rather unique and surprising mix of the conceptual and the crafted, with Robin Hawes' elegant books and tautological sculptures providing the most conspicuous example of the former, and Dan Miles' sensual carved abstract forms in wood and stone the latter.

News about forthcoming shows and events at the Quay Gallery will be provided on the forum and on the home page calendar.


images (L to R, top to bottom): installation view, Dan Miles, Crispin Hughes, Camilla Dixon,         Andrew Syms