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Zombie Surfers

Cell Project Space 2nd May 2008 -1st June 2008





'Zombie Surfers is a moment inspired by a surf session at Sennen Cove, Cornwall. An eerie fog rolled in whilst waiting for swell in the line-up, causing a quiet and stillness of the sea, surfers losing all sense of direction to the shore. For a while lost surfer souls drifted in the fog like grey shadows…waiting. The art here is not surf inspired, although surfer and artist are in pursuit of the same elusive moment of perfection. It is this elusive moment, which drives them to continue to obsessive lengths. Ironically, attainment of this legendary and enigmatic perfect moment may endanger the perpetuation of the individuals’ obsession, but until then they are drawn towards their goal like stumbling zombies. The exhibition will examine hierarchies within sub-cultural structures and focus on the individuals’ obsession with inclusion or exclusion into the group.

For Zombie Surfers, Richard Priestley will build the mythical surf shack, its contents become its icons, effigies and shrines, and its gallerist come shack keeper, its minister. The work selected draws from hybrids of popular culture, which raises questions about the hopes and aspirations of individuals who have an interest in countercultural activity. They include cultural references that have, over time, become embedded into a collective consciousness. This work becomes part of the shack and the blurring of edges between art, interior and product opens a dialogue about collaboration and authorship. Visitors are invited to participate and try smoothies, watch films, leaf through zines, play music and hang out …… '


see interview page for interview with Richard Priestley