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Festival/Gathering St Ives 70

Various contributors



Festival/Gathering St Ives was organised by Nicki Tester, who at the time was a young St Ives-based poet. St Ives artists Bob Devereux and John Charles Clark helped with advertising and publicity. Figurative artist Andrzej Jackowski, Tester's then boyfriend, was also involved.

Tester brought down poetry groups (eg Hydrogen Jukebox, Dennis Gould and the Riff Raff poets) and others (eg Monica Sjoo, Stevan Trickey, Andy's Band and UATWMF) from Bristol, and organised for Mask Folk Club - where singer Chrissie Quayle was resident - to be used as a venue. Rover, which included Doc Shiels, Ian Dunlop and Vernon Rose was one of the local rock groups invited to take part. (Vernon Rose also contributed a Punch and Judy show). Other bands (eg Mr Lucifer) were regular visitors to Cornwall but not based here.

(programme from Monica Sjoo's archive)