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As the raspberry touched my throat
a feather turns into a quill
reminding my hands to write
I open my lips to receive the fruit
and receive a song in return
Two broken circles of knowledge
A blueness

The senses awoke me
In a non-verbal bath
As half ripened plum seeks refuge
In my palm
With deep care I listen to a current
Traveling between my throat and my breastbone
A ripe raspberry on my lips
A percussive apple vibrating my body with life
A concentrated aliveness
As the snake of wholeness arrives home

as I began to access myself
the imaginary fruits came to life
ripening in wild tropicality
down in my throat
green juice pouring from my mouth
dripping down
nourishing my heart
birthing wings of

flying out of my mouth
to speak its truth

threads of strawberry weave themselves
around me
I squeeze a grape on my third eye
luscious nectar ripens my sight

The plum in my palm as it had always been
Rolling and settling there to awaken my sex
rebirthing ripeness
the turn of a cycle
I await to receive new words
in expression
Of orange light and a sense of holding
Wisdom vibrating with vitality
the truth of my sensuality
Bringing me deeper into the mouth of nature

With budgie watching on
iron oxide rivers flow
as mushroom crept into my heart
to become the heart fruit
connecting with other hearts

plum on the bridge of my nose
A movement between things
As apple lands on my tongue
I bite into its ancient message
I travel underground

A rugged skin in my palm
An old and dried out image of a hill
a community in the making
Footsteps on a track with an 8 spoke wheel
As the ripe peach of my heart
Brings the wisdom of lavender
lemon rolls from ear to mouth to ear
Autumning fruits of summer
Calling me to be versatile
to put things inside

Bruised, moved,
Marked by experience
I see the sun in my eye
On a wild ride to turn inwards
where sensuality speaks
I am wise


Written following a 'light-carrying circle' hosted by Fourthland, in response to the pandemic, on 26.7.20.  Fourthland will continue their work with Kestle Barton during August 2020.