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Planning Matters Pt2: documentation

Paul Chaney & Anne Bala





Paul Chaney








David Spero & Simon Fairlie


Ian Nesbitt


Layla Curtis


Simon Fairlie





Taking place between 20 July - 4 August 2019, 'Planning Matters' was a programme of talks and events curated by Kestle Barton associate artist Paul Chaney to coincide with David Spero’s exhibition Settlements (see 'exhibitions')

Taking Spero’s photographic exhibition as a starting point, and against the background of Chaney’s previous work based at Kestle Barton ('Lizard Exit Plan' and 'Critical Camps'), Planning Matters explored the complexity of issues arising around themes of low-impact development, land ownership, planning law, and sustainable urban planning in these times of housing crisis, societal collapse, mass extinction, and potential transformation.

Contributors included: Dr Tom Greeves, Simon Fairlie, Dr Mike Hannis, London Fieldworks, Ian Nesbitt, Layla Curtis, Jonathan Hopkins & Marcy Saude. Photos by Anne Bala.