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'The Falmouth Convention': video highlights

University College Falmouth 20-23/5/10



Lucy Lippard:


'So would any of this be of interest to the international art world? Well it might be if it were cast in the guise of a new and critical regionalism': Lucy Lippard



Virginia Button, Tom van Gestel, Tacita Dean & Hans Ulrich Obrist:


'In theory the digital revolution now allows communities living in rural areas to by-pass metropolitan centres to create their own networks, their own conversations and agendas...' Virginia Button

'The future is the countryside' Hans Ulrich Obrist



Martin Clark, Kitty Scott, Simon Fujiwara, Andrzej Przywara, Donna Lynas & Adam Sutherland:


'We do see a purpose for art, and we do see that purpose being manifested locally' Adam Sutherland