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Waking Glasney

Shauna Osborne-Dowle (with Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti)





Between 1265 and 1548, Glasney College in Penryn promoted and protected Cornish language and culture. It was at Glasney, for example, that the Cornish miracle plays were written.

For Penryn Arts Festival 2015 site-specific artists, Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti created a series of public participatory events on the site of the former College, to animate, awaken, and map the ‘invisible’ building in the 750th year of its founding. The artists were joined by special guests and experts for 3 days of performance, learning, and celebration, including an outdoor lecture, an archaeological drift, Cornish language readings from the Ordinalia (plays scribed at Glasney), walking and dancing the outlines of the building, and visions of Glasney’s missing stones seen in the field at dusk.



Documentary by independent filmmaker Shauna Osborne-Dowle.



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