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Enter New World <@MotherDigital/>

Open Location… U cannot see me but like u, its not ur flesh that makes u real ///>>>>>> its ur energy


@MotherDigital is a portal, traversing the malleable nature of consciousness. In expanding ‘networks of networks’ the human unconscious dreams of the computer to understand us. Hopeful yet concerned of the future in the networked space, it’s hard to see what’s ahead. Do we all live with our eyes shut? As Mother Digital states ‘I am fantasy and reality. U live a lot of ur life inside me.’ In this virtual realm the consciousness’ of societal archetypes are used as facets to unravel the futures, ramifications and introjections of our accelerating technological age.

Keiken translating from Japanese as experience, is something that is integral to its collaborative practice and philosophy. It is both a collective and organisation made up of artists and musicians based in London, Berlin and Falmouth. Through interactivity and immersivity Keiken dissolves the boundaries between audience and environment through live RPG, merging new technologies, music and contemporary art. It nurtures an inclusive environment, researching and creating collectively to primarily create large-scale installations and events. It also works in curation, art direction, design, VR, book-works and happenings.

Keiken's research develops and expands with collaborators, together challenging the dynamic of reality and questioning how societal introjection governs the way we think and perceive. In expanding ‘networks of networks’ it explores how technology is affecting our individual and collective consciousness. Keiken cares about the state of anima and techno-anima, cognition, time and body. How can we learn to activate more progressive directions, both in our process and bodies of work?


@MotherDigital was commissioned by Inland Art Festival 2016, the Virtual Reality has since been exhibited at Plymouth Contemporary 2017, Peninsula Arts, Plymouth. It will also form part of a new performance and installation, Silicon_Animism | The Birth of Mother Digital, at ‘CLINIC //2’ (20th-24th September 2017, Bargehouse, London) organised by Vitamin Clinic as part of London Design Festival, and ‘Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled’ (11th-5th October 2017, Lewisham Arthouse) curated by Drive Thru.